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Randi Roberts

I'm a non-traditional, doesn't quite fit into one box, extroverted introvert, ADD kinda girlie. About Me sections are hard because I've always felt like my personality is a bit of everything. I'm obsessed with makeup and fashion, but I also feel like a tomboy. I love modern elegance, but I also love nostalgic 90s grunge. I have an upbeat personality but you'll mostly only catch me listening to heavy rock or old emo classics. I'm a series of unexpected pairings I guess.

But I think this is what has led me to my style of work. I know I'm not alone in feeling like I don't fit the mold. So my style of work blends a lot of things together. The perfectly imperfect I like to say.  I have a passion for cinematic, timeless moments that feel raw and real but I'm equally passionate about and influenced by fashion and the power that a badass photo has to instill confidence. This is the root of my "rebellious romance" and "alternative luxury" approach. Let's just be ourselves in a world where people won't shut the f*ck up about how they think we should be. 

I've been doing this a long time. I've been taking portraits for over a decade and shooting weddings for 5+ years. In that time I've heard so many people say "I guess I should... XYZ because X would want that" and it's never said with joy. Your photos are an investment for your own legacy. How do you want your loved ones to look back and see you? As someone who you don't recognize? Or someone who was rebelliously themselves and loved every minute of it?

hey, babe.

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my heart is to document your rebellious romance with style and truth. your love is yours no matter how it looks.