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Randi Roberts

So you wanna know more about me?

Well, a bit of my history includes a decade of portrait experience and I studied at both Pratt Institute and Savannah College of Art and Design. Yeah, I’m one of those artsy kids. I also studied Graphic Design and love bringing the two together.

I honestly don’t even know how to label my personality, because I’ve never felt like I fit a “mold’ but I’m just a slightly tomboyish girl who loves rock music, black coffee, true-crime documentaries, and art that makes you think about a story. I’m super drawn to people who enjoy bold, fun adventures or just having a good time with the simple things.

Fashion Editorials have always caught my eye as a really unique form of expression and storytelling and I like to bring that into my style with couples. No, you don’t have to be a model AT ALL. Just gotta trust the vision and the process. While I also capture a lot of intimate and playful emotions, there is such power in seeing yourself looking bold and confident in a photo and I need you to feel that ego boost when you get your album back.

I’m based out of new york city but ALWAYS willing to travel anywhere for a good photo. If you want to embark on an adventure together, let me know! Let’s make your photography dreams come true and make some magic that you’ll have to hold onto for forever. Email me for more info or to book a session!

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my heart is to document your rebellious romance with style and truth. your love is yours no matter how it looks.