rebelliously you.



Boldly in love. Boldly you. Your love story.

let’s capture your love.


No matter what season of life your love story is in, freezing this time in frames is such a fun experience. And we'll make it all about you! We live in a world that constantly tries to tell us how to be. "Follow this trend now, oh wait jk we're on to the next now be like this..." It's exhausting and so fake. Be rebelliously yourself and let's make some art that feels badass and genuine. Want to go down memory lane and take photos in the bar where you first met? Let's do it! Want to show off your personalities with a session revolving around a concept? Let's do it! 

Recently engaged and looking for a shoot? Even more reason mark this moment in a way that you enjoy! And if you're thinking about me for the wedding this is an awesome opportunity for us to get to know each other more so you don't have to feel the nerves of plastering on a smile for a stranger on your wedding day! Plus! Two of my available wedding packages actually included a complimentary engagement session!

When we’re telling your story together there’s a few things you can expect. First of all, we’re gonna have a damn good time. Second, I prioritize raw emotions and will direct you into genuine moments that don’t feel like you’re back at prom. And while maintaining an authentic space, each session will be an artistic expression of your love story told through an editorial eye and a vision that we create together. I want you to look back at your photos and feel like the best, coolest, most badass version of yourselves.

Leading up to your session it's important to spend time connecting with you and making sure we are all on the same page! I have a few different package options but my favorite is The Memory Vault session, because we get to spend a relaxed amount of time together at your shoot and really craft an artistic version of your love story. For all of my session I include the option for a video call so we can meet one another ahead of time and break the first introduction ice. But with the Memory Vault package you will also get a storyboard call where we create a concept together whether that be a stylized shoot or a series of locations. Together we'll plan out activities, an overall look, the story vibe, the styling, and any little details that we want to incorporate into your photos. 

Then once we're shooting, you can fully expect to see me fall at least once, make you laugh with some horrible joke, get completely psyched over some gorgeous light and be inspired in the moment. I'll also probably gasp over a cute dog at some point. But most importantly, you can expect to feel relaxed and guided through a wonderful session that you know will result in some badass photos. So... let's do it!