Uniquely you & the weirder the better.



Boldly in love. Boldly you. Your love story.

let’s capture your love.


No matter what season of life your love story is in, freezing this time in frames is such a fun experience. And we'll make it all about you! Want to go down memory lane and take photos in the bar where you first met? Let's do it! Want to show off your personalities by styling a concept that represents you both? I love brainstorming ways to do this! Just want to get some free-spirited photos in a place you love to go? I'll be your third wheel and capture all the goodness!

If you're recently engaged and you're looking to do an engagement session, you should know that all of my wedding packages include a complimentary shoot! Why? Because weddings are fast. You blink and it's the final dance of the day. To make your wedding photography the most comfortable and most reflective of you, it is SO important for you and I to get to know each other. Engagement sessions are a wonderful time to do this as it's a slower paced shooting period and like I said above, it's all about you as a couple. I want you to feel like you're welcoming a friend in on your wedding day, rather than putting on your best soft smile and feeling forced into photos you don't absolutely love.

when we’re telling your story together there’s a few things you can expect. firstly, we’re gonna have a damn good time. secondly, I prioritize raw emotions and will direct you into genuine moments that don’t feel like you’re back at prom. thirdly, while maintaining an authentic space, each session will be an artistic expression of your love story told through an editorial eye and a vision that we create together. I want you to look back at your photos and feel like the best, coolest, most badass version of yourselves.

leading up to your wedding day I put a lot of time into connecting with you and making sure we are all on the same page and excited about all the little details of your day. additionally, I do complimentary engagement sessions with each of my full wedding packages because I believe it’s the best opportunity for us to get those “first meeting” nerves out of the way and learn each other’s vibes.  by the wedding, we’ll be laughing together and I’ll be your go-to girl to grab the train of your dress, bring you a drink, and be your overall hype girl all day long while still capturing all those special moments.

the same goes for each of my sessions. whatever season of love you’re in as a couple, whether it’s dating and on cloud nine, about to be married, or been married and with the love of your life, I’m here to capture your story for you to relive over and over again. each session is crafted to you, I want to know what you’re like as a couple and bring that into your photographs. this makes them deeply authentic to who you both are. like pizza? whole world of options, from shooting in a pizza joint to a pizza picnic on a rooftop. I will guide you guys into beautifully genuine moments so I capture you both being 100% yourselves without it feeling like a cheesy photoshoot.