couples photography in las vegas at lone mountain during golden hour

Cozy and Romantic Sunset Couples Photography in Las Vegas Baby!

Travelling to Las Vegas

I am so excited to share this couples session I got to shoot in Las Vegas! First of all though… LAS. FREAKING. VEGAS. This was my first trip there and man was it a good one. The main reason we ended up in Vegas was because my mom, boyfriend, and I are MASSIVE fans of Aerosmith. They just so happened to be having a concert there after a long time of not playing. WOW. What a show! I may have cried when they played the song my mom sang to me growing up. There was a lot of fun that was had, but one thing that I still cannot get over is how beautiful the landscape is out west. It literally took my breath away. And since I don’t travel without my camera, I decided to find a couple that we could explore with and capture!

couples photography in las vegas at lone mountain during golden hour

connecting with Josh & Nicole

I thought it would be best to reach out in a photography group I’m a part of on facebook and try to hook up with some other photographers out there. Luck would have it, Nicole and Josh were actually visiting Vegas as well which made exploring so fun! They had been travelling all over in their pull behind camper (Oh, how I long for the pre-covid adventures!) and had posted up at Lone Mountain for a couple of nights. It was their wonderful idea that we hike to the top for our shoot.

couples photography in las vegas at lone mountain during golden hour

So, we drove out to Lone Mountain just in time to get up the mountain and catch the sunset falling. Although I am definitely not a hiker, or a camper, or really all that athletic… nothing was going to stop me from capturing Nicole and Josh’s super sweet relationship. At least I own a pair of decent boots so there was that. Anyways, we took some shots on the way up and once we got there, the sun was settimg and the sky was the most beautiful pink and blue. From there things got super cuddly.

Since my boyfiend was also on this trip he was able to second shoot with me. We both hit it off with Nicole and Josh instantly making the whole session so playful and authentic. Shooting with our Nikon setup, we alternated between a 50mm and 85mm to get a mix of wide shots that brought in the Las Vegas scenery and the more intimate shots. Josh and Nicole are the cuddliest and most joyful couple EVER.

break out of your box

All in all, I highly recommend that if you’re travelling and you have the time to get out and explore and meet someone new– GO FOR IT! Hands down one of my favorite experiences and now we have more friends to connect with as we travel the world. Honestly, I will never stop posting or gushing over how beautiful this session was.

Blog got you ready for your turn behind the lens? Then, let’s connect and make some magic!