Cozy, Winter Engagement Photos in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York

Engagement Photos Inspired by the Williamsburg Aesthetic

When James reached out to me about doing engagement photos while he and Corey were visiting NYC from the UK, he already knew that he wanted to do them in Williamsburg. During their different traveling adventures, they’d fallen in love with the look and feel of this fun Brooklyn neighborhood. Personally, I love Williamsburg. There’s definitely a specific vibe there of chill hangout spots and trendy aesthetics. Everything from modern chic hotels, to artsy local shops and stellar skyline views make Williamsburg extremely appealing for anyone looking to have a trendy city feel to their engagement photos.

Pizza stop before Photos??

YES!! Another reason James knew this would be the perfect place to surprise Corey with a session, was Screamer’s Pizza; a vegan pizza place located here that is ridiculously yummy. And Corey LOVED it. Pizza is an obvious NYC staple and such a fun thing to share with your partner whether you’re a hardened local or an international traveler. I loved how the dark and neutral exterior of this shop with the pops of color through stickers really complimented their warm neutral outfits and the pattern on Corey’s dress.

Chasing the Sun and Exploring Williamsburg

After we all enjoyed a slice together, we loosely had in mind to work our way to the stunning skyline views from the Marsha P Johnson park. As we navigated from Screamer’s to the park, we weaved in and out of the different streets and even popped up onto a hotel rooftop. The sun was glowing so warmly on this day, but even still the warmth and love between James and Corey was even brighter. These two are some of the most fun, creative, and lovely humans I’ve ever had the privilege to photograph. I honestly didn’t want the session to end because we were having just as much fun chatting about life in the wedding industry and traveling as we were taking their photos.

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