Moody Couples Photoshoot in the Rain | Manhattan, New York

As the city skyline disappeared into the mist, Alyssa and Miguel enjoyed a moody couples photoshoot to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in New York City. They wanted to memorialize the way they feel during their young years together and the free-spirited fun they have.  Undeterred by the drizzle, they decided to make the most of their photoshoot that would not only capture their love but also the moody charm of the city.

A Moody Couples Moment in the Clouds

The Brooklyn Bridge, shrouded in a soft mist, served as the first location for their session. Dressed in casual outfits that echoed the vibrant energy of their personalities, Alyssa couldn’t resist injecting pops of pink into her ensemble, creating a striking contrast against the muted cityscape. The rainy fog enveloped them, adding an ethereal quality to the images as they strolled hand in hand, creating timeless moments against the iconic backdrop.

Embracing the atmospheric conditions, we decided to play up the cloudy ambiance surrounding the Brooklyn Bridge, turning the mist into a poetic backdrop for their love story. The resulting images were not just photographs; they were visual narratives, each frame telling a tale of a love that stood strong against the rain.

A Rainy Afternoon in West Village

The adventure continued in the charming West Village, where we first ran through the streets of the neighborhood. As we captured playful moments of them together, we also caught the hazy light of the taxis whizzing by. Then we found refuge in a retro cocktail bar named Bandits. Changing into their second outfits, Alyssa donned a dazzling pink sequin dress, while Miguel embraced a stylish teal blue suit. The choice of attire was meant to memorialize their time together while young.

At Bandits, we experimented with a mixture of direct flash and ambient lighting, crafting images that mirrored the eclectic vibe of the retro bar. The staff there was so kind to us and they let us take up a booth for some photos and then we moved out to their outdoor seating for even more editorial and moody vibes. Finally, we captured a beautiful moment in the rain as the night sky had fallen and Miguel and Alyssa shared a short dance together on a sidewalk in West Village.

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