Brides share a moment on the tattoo shop couch while waiting to get their matching tattoos.

Moody Winter Elopement in New York City

January in New York City is not known as the most vibrant and cozy time of the year here. But it’s not without its own charm. Winter in New York City is full of moody mornings and fog shrouded skyscrapers. Bea and Chaz were lucky enough to get a day exactly like this for their moody winter elopement on January 23rd this year. (123 will come back into play later hehe).

A Moody Morning at the Moxy Hotel

Bea and Chaz started out the day at the Moxy Hotel in Chelsea, Manhattan. The room was full of tequila shot induced laughter and pre-wedding excitement! While they decided to get ready together, Bea waited to put on her dress until after Chaz headed downstairs to the hotel’s lounge. They shared a first look together there and it was so beautiful to witness. Fashion is an interest shared between them and they told me they often enjoy coordinating outfits and making fit check videos together. They also included so many personal details to their wedding day that reflected each of their styles. It was so fun to watch them hype each other up throughout the entire day.

Elopement Ceremony on Little Island

Little Island is a beautiful park oasis on the west side of Manhattan in the neighborhood of Chelsea. During the spring and summer it’s full of vibrant greenery and florals. Even in the winter its architecture and city skyline views are stunning. With the fog creating a beautiful backdrop of the skyline, Bea and Chaz exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony. In addition to their media team, the only person present was their amazing officiant Liz of Have Lover will Travel who performed the most personal ceremony for them.

Matching Elopement Day Tattoos

After the ceremony Bea and Chaz had an appointment with Kings Avenue Tattoo’s Cody Klein. During the ceremony, Liz told their story of how the number 123 was a number of significance to the B + C. Throughout their relationship, they saw It repeatedly and it became a symbol to them. It only felt right to get married on 1/23 and then get matching tattoos with that number. The tattoo shop was so chill about us grabbing photos while they got inked and in between each tattoo. With the urban and cozy vibe, the tattoo shop was too cool looking to not add in a few portraits.

The Urban Energy of NYC

To round out their moody winter elopement, Bea and Chaz wanted to have a few portraits done on the streets of NYC to really embody their edgier street style. We stumbled on this amazing little restaurant bar with some cool neon lights in their outdoor seating area. So we stopped for a few blue hour portraits and some badass photos that highlighted their love and connection.

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