modern and playful city hall elopement photography in SoHo New York City

Playful Elopement at City Hall in New York City

From the UK to NYC for a City Hall Elopement

Want an epic adventure to go along with your commitment to always and forever? Then, there’s no better way than hopping on a plane for a playful elopement at City Hall in NYC. Celsey and Daniel came all the way from United Kingdom to embark on this experience. They wanted something playful and reflective of their modern style. I’d say that between Joe’s Pizza in their wedding clothes and the cake smash at the hotel they got it!

Saying “I do” at City Hall

City Hall Elopements do require a little planning in advance. You have to make an appointment ahead of time to get your time slot for your ceremony. Once that’s secured though, it’s apparently pretty smooth sailing. I can even be your witness as well if you want this day to be just you and your partner! The ceremony is short and sweet but so exciting! The Marriage Bureau in New York City is thankfully located in the Financial District of Manhattan and surrounded by so many gorgeous ivory buildings with grand columns, art deco style gold doors, and light filled arches. Literally, no better area to run around with those “WE JUST GOT MARRIED” butterflies.

Elopement Pizza in West Village and Coffee in Soho

After celebrating with a few photos in the Financial District, we hopped on the train and went to West Village for some wedding pizza slices at Joe’s (iconic). We also found some sweet pockets of sunlight to snuggle into with West Village’s beautiful brown stone backdrop. Later, Celsey switched into her black converse and grabbed her leather jacket and we headed to SoHo for a coffee energy boost before running around and exploring some more. The sun was out and bright but Celsey + Daniel weren’t worried, they had some super chic sunglasses to add to their modern wedding day vibes.

A Lively Cake Smash and some Direct Flash

Last but certainly NOT LEAST, we ended their playful elopement with some direct flash vibes at The Walker Hotel in Tribeca with a cake smash in their retro style lounge. While it was a little bit messy, it was the most fun experience. And okay, I lied. We also decided to add in one last hoorah with a champagne pop in the brick alleyway beside the hotel and then we encountered a dog walker and actually got to end the day with puppy snuggles. This day was the most fun and if I could photograph it all over again, I would.