Stylish, Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot in Dumbo, New York

Planning A Stylish Engagement Photoshoot

Alex found me on Instagram from a styled shoot I shared from Dumbo. They also happen to live right beside the Brooklyn Bridge and they daily get to witness the beautiful soft pinks and blues of the sunrise. Once we started talking about their engagement photoshoot, we knew we had to incorporate the beautiful light and the different ways it accentuates the urban setting. We also started planning outfits around the sunrise lighting. Alex is a very stylish person and Vardahn followed suit. I absolutely adore the outfits they chose. We started with casual chic and soft neutrals and graduated to super sleek suits in contrasting colors. The former fit so perfectly with the soft light for a very cozy and intimate first half of our shoot. And the suit sets?? Absolute perfection with the deep shadows and bright highlights of the rising sun!

Chasing the Sunrise

We had a very clear vision for this shoot and we knew we would need a sunny and clear day. Thankfully, we all could be flexible with our mornings and pick a day with perfect weather. However, we did have to guess the rise time of the sun as our timing fell right on the daylight savings shift. I totally overestimated how early the sun was actually coming up, but A + V were troopers and we were able to spend some amazing time chatting while we waited for the sunrise to begin. In doing that, we realized that V and I had both gone to Pratt Institute! We continued to talk about just how small this city can feel sometimes. Finally, the sun began to rise and we chased it all over Dumbo and ended with some full morning sun on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I swear I could have photographed these two for hours upon hours as they were absolute naturals in front of the camera and so much fun to hang out with in the process.

We Got Featured!

This session even got a feature on Unscripted Posing App!