Black and white photo of a couple running through a crosswalk.

A Chilly Morning Engagement Photoshoot in Soho New York City

Engagement Photos in SoHo

Back in January I decided to do a spontaneous flash session sale because I just LOVE the Soho neighborhood. The light that pops up over the buildings in the morning is breathtaking! Despite it being a particularly chilly morning, Emmy and Greg took me up on the session and we ran all around taking their engagement photos in Soho. These two were insanely easy to photograph, I mean look at that chemistry!

The Magic of SoHo

I’ve already mentioned the light in this neighborhood and how obsessed I am with it. The way it comes up over the classic architecture and how it reflects off the windows creates some of the most unique and playful lighting scenarios. But on top of that are the colors! The soft blue skies with the varying brick hues and soft cream stone buildings all mixed together make for a such a dreamy color palette.

Besides just the aesthetics, I also love SoHo because there are so many beautiful textures and art sprinkled throughout the streets. My favorite are these little romantic sayings that someone has painted on to the sidewalks of various streets. They’re always such positive little reminders, and they’re kinda perfect for setting the tone at a couple’s shoot!

Mixing Candid with Editorial

On top of the fact that Emmy and Greg are the sweetest humans with the cutest bond ever, they also fully trusted me at this session! I often say over on my instagram that I mix a candid and an editorial approach to my sessions. In both, I strive to be really authentic to each couple. But I love to create prompts that feel cinematic and candid to emphasize the personalities of my couples as well as some more artistic compositions to show them how hot they look! I do this because I love to capture who people are, but I also realize there is such a boost when you see a photo of yourself that makes you stop and say, “WHAT! That’s me???”

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