Summer Sunrise Engagement Photoshoot at the Brooklyn Bridge

The Sunrise Engagement Session that Took my Breath Away

Wow. Just Wow. When I say this sunrise engagement session took my breath away… I MEAN it! Let me first preface this post by saying that Nadima + Shawn flew into NYC from out of state. However, their flight was supposed to get in the night before our session, but was so delayed they literally did not walk into their hotel until 5:45am when our session was supposed to kick off. Nadima called me ASAP to let me know and asked if I could wait and that they could be ready in 20 min. Which I was like wow okay a whole night of dealing with a flight and then rushing to get ready…. but THEN they showed up looking like straight FIRE and I was just breathless. How is this level of beauty achieved in 20 minutes?

sunrise engagement session on the brooklyn bridge in new york city
Sunrise Engagement Session on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

The Most Energy + The Best Time

N + S showed up so ready to laugh, dance, and have the best time. We hit it off so fast and you’d never know they were up all night long. I think we probably laughed the whole time together and they were so forgiving of my early morning word jumbling. We hadn’t orginally talked about going down below the bridge, but amongst all our conversation I mentioned how beautiful it was underneath the bridges too and I’m so glad these two trusted me and made the trek (not too far but in heels… that’s a different story). Then we get down there and they told me it was their first time seeing the bridges from beside the water like that! It thrilled me to be the one to show them.

Sunrise Engagement Session on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

Sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge

Let’s talk about sunrise sessions. Now, I am not a self-proclaimed morning person at all. I guess I’ve adapted to the need to get up early so it’s natural, but I still don’t love it. I would venture to say most people don’t love being up before the crack of dawn. Let alone up and looking photo-ready. But! People underestimate sunrise sessions all the time. The light in the early morning is breath-taking. It’s so soft, so flattering, and you can still get some of those dramatic sun flares that afternoon golden hour is known for but usually with a much less busy location too. I mean have you ever seen the Brooklyn Bridge this empty? Don’t get me wrong there were still joggers and cyclists that low-key almost ran me over like a dozen times. But it was worth it.

sunrise engagement photoshoot on the brooklyn bridge


Randi Katheryn

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